Dane Grant

Software & Product Development

Hello 👋, I'm Dane. I'm a Software Engineer living in Lexington Kentucky with my favorite girls - my wife 👩, daughter 👧, and doggo 🐶.

I enjoy contributing to open-source projects and work obssessively at crafting software products for a living. I currently work at This Dot Labs where I've contributed to important projects for Meta, Sentry, Roblox, and other amazing companies.


My passion drives me to work on products that help people in a very direct and tangible way. I'm especially interested in projects that promote people's physical and mental well-being. Check out my projects page or follow me on social media to see what I'm cooking up 🥘❤️.

Notable Contributions

  • React Documentation - I worked with the React core team to create a new documentation site that sets the bar as a technical learning resource.
  • Session Replay - I worked with the Emerging Technologies team at Sentry to help build their new Session Replay feature which introduces an incredibly effective new way to debug issues in web applications.


A career in tech has been life-changing for me personally and I know many others have the same experience. I've found mentoring and teaching to be an incredibly rewarding way to give back.

If this matters to you as well, consider supporting Black Girls Code or Underdog Devs. They are amazing organizations that are helping people from non-traditional backgrounds get into tech.


I will continue to contribute to open-source and work on products that align with my mission. It's all about the journey for me and I am constantly growing personally and professionally.